The Creepy Mansion by Aaroh Jain

The Creepy Mansion

By Aaroh Jain    (5th Class)


In the forgotten parts of London, bordering Shackles Road, lies the Creepy Mansion in its miserable environment.

Legend has it that this once was a place where many great minds were born , but today it is where the disease of despair breathes.

The gate creaks eerily in the dead of the night, slender tree branches  sway in the battering wind…a flagstone is wedged in the twisted trunk of a colossal oak tree.  A candy that might have once tasted sweet and sour lies tangled in a ghost white web. A shard of glass as sharp as a knife is stained with crimson blood.

Tread too hard and the result is a sharp pain that will ripple throughout your body!

Venomous weeds replace the soil. Rotted veg and uncared plants hang forlornly as their vile stench permeates the air. This house is a disastrous mess with owls as black as a demon’s heart hooting to warn that it is under attack ….which it is.

It is under attack from nature.

The unexpected dog is sent dashing upstairs to what it thinks is safety. A shriek as loud as a screeching spirit is unleashed as a dilapidated door crashes down hard on the fragile floor of the hallway. Floorboards creak as they began to give way to treacherous weeds. A mischievous looking painting gives the hapless visitor bone-chilling stares through tarnished gold frames. Family banners lie tattered with writing that has been smeared with blood. A spiral staircase is spattered with rat filth and the putrid blue guts of some sort of creature. A carpet gnawed away by the ages is what is left of the once magnificent aztec rug .

A horrid smell wafts up from the gloomy basement. As you descend on these miserable stairs, into the depths of this hell hole you will see that the basement with mouldy ceiling and wallpaper trying to peel away as like a fly trying to escape a spider web. This is a place where nightmares are forged. The source of the smell is a dead body with intestines spilling out of what’s left of the flesh after being nibbled at by demented rats. Hollowed bones are strewn everywhere with bits of bone marrow still inside them.

You should flee the place after seeing the corpse but you don’t. Instead, you creep up the stairs to the attic where it is especially dangerous….. with tiles ready to knock you to kingdom come or floorboards at the ready to let you fall to hell.

There is a oil lamp still lit ? Strange. Old beams stand to support the ever growing monster of a tree which stops the sinister roof from ending you once and for all.  Glimpses of strange shapes can be seen.

The devil has caught you and now you will pay for your trespassing. And there shall be blood…

This is a devil’s den, a house of fear. Anyone who enters will be counting their  lucky stars to escape unscathed!!

…..To date, no one has.

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