The Haunted Boarding School by Isabella Collins


(by Isabella Collins 4th class)

Lost at the edge of a particularly quiet village (or what is left of it) is Four Elms Blue Hue Boarding School for Young Ladies.. The students are long gone but their laughter can be heard when the moon is full. It lies uninhabited at the edge of Sycamore Street…a street that has many stories.

Entering through a rickety old metal gate, the old swing-set can be heard  creaking in the wind. Massive claw marks scar the surrounding trees and when one inhales really deeply, there is an utterly bitter whiff of something so horrible and gruesome, you never want to know what it is or smell it again.

Because it is so dark and miserable, you have to feel your way to find shelter.The fierce muck slug invades your throat and causes a convulsing coughing fit…. a weird taste comes into the mouth, it’s a mixture of vomit and blood.

The crusty bark of an old tree provides steadiness and finally the sticky steps covered in cobwebs and thorns are in view.

As one climbs through the prickly, thorny, cobweb covered steps, you eventually reach the old worn down front you open the door using the slimy greasy doorhandle,somthing blowing heavily makes the hairs on your neck.stand up.

Suddenly the lights flicker on,you can see generations hanging on the wall .Each picture has a plaque underneath it. If you dare read the plaque it will tell you that you’re in an ABANDONED BOARDING SCHOOL!!!

If you continue down the dingy, uncared for hallway to a slightly open door ,then you can’t avoid to inhale another terrible smell that’s like rotten toads’ ice-cream with rat droppings for toppings! As you open the door, you realise that it’s a kitchen covered with blood soaked knives. You can feel a chill running down your spine.You can see a door at the other side and as you run to it as fast as you can…… you slip and your head throbs in agony.You have to crawl to get to the door because you now have blisters as big as pumpkins on the soles of your feet.

As you push the door gently open, right in front of you is a huge spiral staircase.Struggling to climb the rickety stairs,you eventually get there, using the shaky, old banister for steadiness.

There are 5 to 10 doors around you.You pick a door with 4 names on it Katey,Jenny,Lilly and Penelepy. As the creaky door opens you can taste the dust rising from the pointy floor boards and you can see two sets of bunk-beds,some old dolls that look like they stole the soles of the children that played with them! You can hear a faint scream and see the curtains blowing in the wind as it gets stronger and stronger.

This dull and gloomy place is NOT for people who love to have fun and are very happy BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE WITH FEAR..

You might think you’re brave now…… but once you leave/enter you will feel as cowardly as a lion!  


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