The Haunted House by Siobhan Hipolito

The Haunted House

 By Siobhan Hipolito  5th Class

Approaching the abandoned house, the front porch is rotting and falling on the overgrown garden like it wasn’t cared for….

The metallic cry of the rusty old swing reminds the visitor of the life that once lived here. An old mirror lies shattered into a million pieces on the overgrown lawn.

In the terrible hallway is an old dark framed picture of a happy family that use to live in this mysterious house . A vine has grown right through the picture frame . On the floor, an old brown bloodstain is splattered. It is a nightmare to remember that once this horrible house was happy.

In the dirty, dark kitchen the dank smell of the decaying pipes is almost too much to bear. A bloodstained knife is pinning a severed corpse to the dusty old table, which has seen better days, as its elegant legs are chipped and battered.

When you open the fridge door, a wall of foul odour hits you like a slap in the face, due to the array of food inside, which is long past it sell-by date. The tap drips steadily, creating an eerie, echoing sound in the narrow area.

When you enter the spacious attic, there is a glint of moonlight on the cracked mirror. If you look through it, you see a lady wearing a white gown that has crimson red blood at the frayed hem. She holds a knife with freshly-spilled blood dripping on the floor. It is appalling to look into the mirror.

In the attic, you can hear the souls of the people who once lived here rising from the creaking floorboards At the corner of the room is a collection of once-loved  dolls. It feels as  the dolls are saying never to come here again !!!

This house is not for the faint=hearted.

It will scare the wits out of you and leave you trembling like a leaf. So if you are passing by this house haunted remember this house has an eye on you !!!!

[ dun dun duuun ]


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