The Haunted Orphanage by Stuart Tobin

The Haunted Orphanage    

By Stuart Tobin      4th Class

When you walk through the street named 204 THE LAKE SIDE, you  will see a huge black building, with shattered windows and ivy-covered walls. Then on your right you will see a sign that says, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you even dare to go through the labyrinth of forest to this terrible place , your heart will jump into your mouth for it is as dark as Dracula’s cloak and screams penetrate your ears…

The door creaks strangely open and the white paint of fear masks the visitor’s face.. The sight of rows of empty uncomfortable, wooden beds tells you the nature of the building. It is an abandoned orphanage. The stench of years of rat droppings is suffocating.

A magnificent oil painting hangs proudly on the wall. It sends a cold blood-curdling chill down your spine. It is a face for sure, with the eyes long cut out! Is there an evil force watching??

When you walk into the bathroom, you will surely scream for the words, “I See You” ,are written in the steam of the shower. You run back to the door, but it is locked. You could then possibly hear little giggles of children playing, that will probably shock you so much, you will freeze from fear.

Then if you even dare to go into the kitchen, you will see bloody knives on the table and huge loaded guns. When you run in fear and dread out of the kitchen, you will suddenly come face to face with a very greasy, slimy staircase . Walking slowly up the stairs, your heart nearly stops with the sight of more wooden and uncomfortable beds.

So if you ever have the misfortune to visit the haunted orphanage on 204 THE LAKE SIDE, prepare…or be scared!

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