The Old Doll House by Aimee Rossiter

The Old Doll House

By Aimee Rossiter, 5th Class

In the centre of Gloomfield, in the middle of Hassletroy, there stands a dilapidated two storey house. It is no ordinary house…it is a doll house, with a difference.

Fighting through the overgrown garden and trudging on rotten black mushrooms, you reach the house of history. An evil looking rat approaches with mischief in his eyes.

A spooky cackle can be heard overhead from the dark dead trees. The air is heavy with the scent of ash and chilling bones.

The cobwebbed door creaks slowly open and you enter into the dusty dilapidated hallway.  Immediately the lights flicker on and off and the smell of burning flesh fills the air. Wicked flames burst through the charred kitchen doors.

A sheep’s heart lies cold on the splintered butcher’s block. Blood pours out of it and stains the black dagger which is stuck in the main artery. Vines strangle the dripping tap and screams come from the paint-peeled freezer.

The wicked stairs bends and winds,  showing the horrid bedroom. A mattress is  torn like a shattered dream. A candlestick flickers with a black glow on the windowsill. The sheets are dancing like ghosts to the beat of the howling wind . A collection of scary broken rag dolls sits on the cold dark window ledge hoping  that they would be left in solitude.

This doll-house is not to be played with.

It is a house of horror.  Stay away from……

The Old Doll House!

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