Amber Flag

We were delighted to be awarded the Amber Flag in May 2019. The Amber Flag recognises the efforts our school makes in promoting positive mental health and well-being for all. To achieve the Amber Flag this year, we had three goals:

Goal 1: To create an Amber Flag notice board in the school, promoting positive mental health strategies.

Goal 2: To hold an Awareness Day to promote positive mental health.

The Student Council, who comprised our Amber Flag team, worked closely with Ms. Ryan and Ms. Hynes to organise and create awareness of our MNS ‘Happy Mind Day’ which was held on the 9th of April. This day involved the whole school community coming together in order to create a safe, positive, and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being. Each class participated in activities to promote positive mental health. We completed mindfulness lessons, meditation, yoga classes, mindful story time, mindful colouring, watched mental health promoting videos as well as listened to a guest speaker on positive language for the older classes.

Goal 3: To hold a Design a Poster competition within the school to raise awareness of positive mental health strategies.

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