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Back to School Memo

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We hope you had a lovely summer.  We are very excited to welcome everyone back to Milford N.S. on Tuesday morning.  A huge thank you to all our staff and Board of Management members for their support and effort in getting everything ready for our school reopening.  Our focus for the week ahead is to help the children to settle back into their daily school routines in a gentle and safe way.  

Our plans for reopening are very much as we were operating during the last term. There will be a few changes to reflect the Government updates.  A  brief summary document is attached to this memo.

  • For children – this means groups, bubbles, handwashing, hand sanitisers, staff wearing masks, social distancing and going home, if they have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • For parents – this means communicating with the school by telephone or email, not congregating outside the school, not entering the school yard & building, staggered start and finish times, keeping symptomatic children at home and collecting children who develop symptoms of COVID-19 .
  • For staff – this means staggered staffroom breaks, handwashing and sanitising routines, wearing masks, social distancing, vigilance in relation to children exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and maintaining groups and bubbles.
  • For visitors – limited to only essential visitors, pre-planned, Covid-19 Questionnaire completed, commitment to follow our Response Plan, contact tracing  document completed.

Our plan to reopen the school will be monitored and reviewed on a daily basis and we will keep you informed of any changes via Aladdin and our website.  

Some reminders and notices:

Pupil Medication: Medication for your child can be returned to school on Monday 30th August 3-3:45pm & Tuesday  31st August 10-11am  at the main school entrance.  It is important that pupils’ medication for critical medical needs be returned prior to your child returning to school.  Please have medical indemnity forms completed when returning medication  to school.  If you don’t have an indemnity form since  before the summer holidays it can be completed on the day you return the medication. Please contact Ms Yvonne Newman on if you wish to discuss this further.

Allergies: Please let us know if your child has any allergies or any underlying ailments which may cause coughs and sneezes.

Face Covering & Social Distancing: We are asking all adults to wear a mask when dropping / collecting their child.  Please observe the 2m social distancing advice from the HSE.

HSE Quick Guide to Isolation (V2.3. 17.08.2021)

Please click here to view a HSE Quick Guide to Isolation for children 3months to 13 years of age. 

Schoolbooks:  Please do not send in all your child’s books on Tuesday morning.  Rental books from last year may be returned.  Your child should bring in their lunch, pencil case and three copies including a maths copy.  The teachers will indicate during the week what books that the children will need to bring into school on each day.  

School Times for Week 1 – these times will be updated for Junior Infants for Week 2

ClassesStartFinishDrop off/Collection Area
Junior Infants1st September at 9:30am12pmInfant Courtyard
Senior Infants31st August at 8:55am1:40pmInfant Courtyard
1st Class31st August at 8:55am2:35pmChurch Car Park
2nd Class – 6th Class31st August at 8:55am2:40pmChurch Car Park

We will receive children (Senior Infants – 6th Class) from 8:45am on Tuesday morning.  There is a 10 minute window to allow children to enter the school building from this time. Even on wet mornings, we cannot receive pupils until 8:45am.  Children should remain in their parent’s car until at least 8:45am.

The children will go directly to their classrooms via designated routes.   Children from 2nd Class to 6th will be walking up from the church carpark by themselves.  

Staff members will be stationed on the roadway from the church carpark to the school to welcome the children and to guide them to their rooms.  Parents of children in Senior infants and 1st Class may escort their children to the drop off zone situated in front of the Infant Courtyard.  Please return to the church car park via the roadway.

Staff members will be present to direct the children to their classrooms.  Please do not worry if you are running late this week in the mornings. Junior Infants will start on Wednesday (and each day this week) at 9:30am.

Money:  Please do not send in money until Week 2.  Our preferred method for collection of money this year will be via Aladdin epayments.  Once classes are complete we will circulate Aladdin Connect signup details to new enrolments.  If you are unable to access your Aladdin account please contact the school and we will do our best to help you with the issue.

Lunches: Please remember that our school is a Nut Free Zone.  Some of our pupils have allergies to nut products so please check the labels of all food items in your child’s lunch box.  We also operate a healthy lunch box policy.  Teachers will indicate to classes throughout the year when they may bring in a special treat to eat.

Additional Documents & Links

Take care everyone.

Le gach dea-ghuí,


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