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Junior Infants 2021/22

Dear parents and guardians,

Junior Infants will start school on Wednesday, 1st September at 9:30am. Their finish time for this week is 12 Noon.

  • Class teacher will meet your child at the meeting point:  at 9:30am on Wednesday, September 1st.  Please see signage on the avenue. Parents are not allowed to pass this point.
  • SEN team members to assist with the entrance of pupils. SEN team stay in courtyard and monitor children on spots. 
    • Ms. Reidy: Yellow
    • Ms. Doody: Red
    • Ms. Murray: Blue
  • On Thursday and Friday morning, the children will go directly to their coloured spots at 9:30am and will be met be their teachers.
  • School books can be sent in over two days, so the bag is not too heavy for the Junior Infant child to carry. 
  • Please label EVERYTHING: books, pencils, colours, coats, bottles and lunchboxes!
  • Children must be able to handle and eat everything in the lunchbox, independently.
  • In the current climate, with bacterial control, teachers cannot be asked to peel/cut or open any food  items, so as to prevent cross contamination.
  • Junior infants finish at 12 noon on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Parents are asked to stand on the correct coloured spots while waiting for the children to be released to them by the teachers.
  • We will communicate start and finish times for the following weeks, at the end of the current week.
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