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Six Nations Silverware

On the 27th of June we were lucky enough to have the Six Nations, Triple Crown and the under 20 Six Nations trophies come to our school. A very special thank you to Paul O’ Connell for bringing in the trophies. 

The first few classes were shocked that the actual Six Nations was in the school and each class got to get a picture with the 3 trophies. Every class came and got the chance to see and get a picture with Six Nations, Triple Crown and the under 20 Six Nations. Some children were even as lucky to hold and touch the trophies. 

Even the teachers were excited and some teachers got pictures with the trophies. As the day came to a close, the trophies were packed back into their boxes and went to their next place. We are so grateful that the trophies came to the school and are looking forward to more events like this. 

-Seán Hendrick, 6th Class

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