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WOW and COW Days: Between May 2009 and May 2010, under the direction of Green Schools Coordinator, Denis O’Connor,  and the huge support of parents, the school facilitated a reduction from  80%  to 40% in car use as a mode of transport to and from school. 

WOW Christmas

We regularly have WOW (Walk on Wednesday) days in Milford National School. Children and their parents have been very  supportive of  WOW Day, and  enjoy  the fresh air and exercise while walking to school.  The aim of the WOW incentive is to get a walking culture established in the school, reduce traffic congestion, get exercise, increase social interaction, and increase Road Safety awareness. Parents, please note that while the school has facilitated and promoted this venture, responsibility for getting children to school safely lies with you, the parents, at all times. We have also some COW (Cycle on Wednesday) days, and we were delighted  to see our bicycle park put to use, especially when the weather is fine. Many thanks for the wonderful support you, the parents, have given to these initiatives, and we encourage you to continue to accompany your children in this Sustainable Travel Green Schools Programme.