The Haunted House by Matthew Fitzgerald


By Matthew Fitzgerald 4th Class

Legend has it that the house is said to be unimaginably creepy.  If you dare to adventure into 10 Nashville street Limerick you won’t come out alive.

Strolling aimlessly down the spooky path to this house of death, you catch a glimpse  of the frightening building. Immediately you become afraid and can taste the fear in the air…as chilling as ice.  A horrible smell hits you from the lifeless flowers and your stomach retches in protest. Curiosity pulls you towards the massive, slimy front door standing like a hostile crowd at a hurling match…      

As you walk in through the door you can hear the loud creaking door.  Straight away you get the vile smell of rat droppings that are repulsive to your nostrils. If you dare to venture forward you will get the fright of your life as out of nowhere you will see an ugly bony corpse on the ground and if you jump up you’ll get loads of tangled cobwebs in your hair.  As you walk in closer you get the gruesome taste of the dust as it rises up from the ground.

As you walk through an ugly creepy door you immediately behold the kitchen from hell. On your right is a death defying oven and you can hear a voice saying “come open the oven door I have a treat for you” if you dare to open the oven it grabs you in and puts you through a misery death.

Outside the kitchen you see a set of horrifying stairs.  As you walk up the stairs, on the left there is a disgusting toilet, so bloody and gruesome that it immediately turns your stomach upside down.  The toilet is blocked and spits out blobs of green vile water every once in awhile.  Around the sink is tons of rotten yellow teeth.  When you turn on the tap instead of water coming out, it oozes blood which flows like a river over the draining board and into the

cutlery drawer.  No one has made it this fear yet.

As you can see, Nashville St., Limerick  is not a place to go if you want to stay alive.

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