The Haunted House of Brian Boru by Eda Hayes

The Haunted House of Brian Boru

Written by Eda C. Hayes    4th Class

On 106 Swift Street,there lies the old rotting house of Brian Boru. Legend has it that very few souls survive after venturing into the house. This is  haunted place.. This is not a place of happiness and sanctuary.

As you walk along the cracked, moss encrusted pavement, you could hear rats scuttling along in the filthy dank-smelling gutters.  Bits of old music papers littered the lawn, often held down with ancient spears or pickaxes.  The taste of the foul, damp air was more than you could take. As you touch the rotting, broken door you felt as though the peeling layers of paint were holding a deep dark secret.  

Inside the door, straight away you could smell the scent of dinners long consumed.  You could even taste the flavoured spices, used to spice up the food.  The carpet was old and lumpy, as if there was a hidden door under it.  The blood-curdling sound of high pitched screams echoed from upstairs.  Gooey, slimy puddles were fermenting all over the hallway.  It felt almost as if giant slugs lived there.  And yet, the feel of the cracked, dry walls was unmistakably terrifying.  

As you tiptoed to the end of the gloomy hallway, you could see a large cobwebbed kitchen in which the musically famed Brian Boru had once cooked his nourishing meals.  The ancient drooping candles were constantly flickering.  The smell of rotting food left in the cupboard was atrocious.  Blood stains dotted the kitchen, often with a body part or two embedded in it. If you looked in the underground cavern in which the food was stored, the fumes ascending would most likely overcome you.  You could almost feel the warmth of a lovely fire coming from the dreaded upstairs.  The sound of someone placing wood in the fire made you shiver.  

The crumbled stairs traumatize you even more than you already were..Holescan be seen in the walls every so often.As you come to the end of the nerve wrecking stairs,you feel a massive sigh of relief.The floor boards are wet and mouldy just like wet earth in one of the old withering flower pots.

In the bathroom, The bath instead of water is filled with luke-warm blood. Toy ducks with angry looking faces float steadily on the blood, creating scenes of horrific terror in the mind.

So if you ever pass the house,always be extra careful!! Enter at your own risk… Even Brian Boru couldn’t stick it!!


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